Meanwhile, in Venezuela… Civil War?

Venezuela has been totally rocked in recent weeks by intense clashes between the pro-government forces of socialist president Nicolas Maduro and anti-government protestors, largely comprised of students and middle class citizens. The pro-government forces condemn the mass protests as a coup attempt, with President Maduro often making claims of shady U.S. involvement behind the scenes, while the anti-government forces protest amidst severe inflation (the worst in the western hemisphere), shortages of basic goods and necessities, and the unwillingness of Maduro to admit that his own government policies may be to blame.

As Fox News Latino describes the chaos:

…Masked gunmen emerged from a group of several dozen motorcycle-mounted government loyalists who were attempting to dismantle a barricade in La Isabelica, a working-class district of Valencia that has been a center of unrest since nationwide protests broke out last month.

The barricades’ defenders had been hurling rocks, sticks and other objects at the attackers, who included perhaps a dozen armed men, witnesses told The Associated Press.

Lisandro Barazarte, a photographer with the local newspaper, Notitarde, caught images of several of the men shooting into the crowd while steadying their firearms on their palms.

“They were practiced shooters,” Barazarte said. “More were armed, but didn’t fire.”

Similar shootings across Venezuela by gunmen allied with the socialist-led government have claimed at least seven lives and left more than 30 people wounded since the anti-government protests began in mid-February.

President Nicolas Maduro has done nothing to publicly discourage the violence by armed pro-government militants, loosely known as “colectivos,” which are also blamed for scores more cases of beatings and intimidation in multiple cities.

Maduro has blamed the violence on the other side, telling supporters on March 9, “There are violent armed groups in the streets, and they are all from the right.”

I have private sources currently in Caracas, Venezuela. They are trying to escape to America, but it is difficult. Apparently, the government has halted nearly all air traffic in and out of the country. For the time being, they remain holed up in their home. These acquaintances have historical ties to anti-government opposition parties. They currently live in fear of some local authority uncovering this and raiding their home. They are trying to avoid drawing any attention.

They say that Venezuela, in their opinion, is already in full civil war status. While the international news media has only been able to confirm approximately 50 deaths out of the Venezuelan Crisis, my sources say that the death toll is much higher. According to them, they’ve seen over 100 dead bodies outside of their homes, at least; if it’s this bad by their home, chances are there are even more dead bodies piling up elsewhere. They say the sounds of fighting and gunfire rage 24/7.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan economy is suffering severely. Their currency, the bolivar, is currently at it’s lowest black-market rate vs. the dollar in history, approx. 72.28 bolivars to 1 dollar. Inflation in Venezuela is destroying life for common people, as basic goods fly off the shelves and the value of savings fall drastically.


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