Obama vs. Putin: A Brief Analysis.

The situation in Ukraine remains somewhat hot. Putin is moving in boldly. Obama is making threats. Two leaders of major nations; two dueling minds.

Let us consider these two stalwart personalities:

Vladimir Putin is an ex-KGB Colonel with nearly 25 years of experience as a top political power broker in Russia.

Barack Obama is an ex-Community Organizer and college professor with less than 10 years of political experience. (He also wrote 3 autobiographies before he was 40, for what it’s worth.)

Who sounds like the more formidable mind in this international chess match? I’ll give you a hint: It’s not Barack Obama.

Every time I think we’ve seen Big Barry-O at his most incompetent, he surprises me with new lows. The Ukraine situation is no exception. He really has little to no leverage over the situation. He enacted sanctions against various Russian politicians, which are being roundly mocked and laughed at. The Russian politicians are hardly bothered. What’s he supposed to do now? Invade? Sadly, I think Obama would leap at the chance to invade if the proper casus belli were available. Now, Obama is scrambling to redraw his “red lines” and appear as some kind of tough guy. Nobody will take him seriously.

Putin, meanwhile, really does look pretty good out of this whole situation. In fact, when you consider how he’s seized Crimea, he looks downright gentlemanly; when the USA wants to seize power in a foreign locale, it’s usually first bombed to hell and then followed by the installation of autocratic political thugs into power. At least the handover of Crimea has been relatively peaceful, compared to the way the US government handles these sorts of things.

Obama should not have said anything beyond “We hope the Ukrainians and the Russians arrive at a violence-free resolution”, and nothing more. Instead, he took the internationalist approach and decided to plunge the USA into a European conflict that has no serious American interests involved. This is not surprising; the internationalist foreign-policy elite has largely controlled the political scene in America since the Spanish-American War. Barack Obama, like nearly all other Presidents, is in their pocket.Crimea is not strategically important to the USA. Ukraine is not strategically important to the USA. The conflict, however, is important to the American foreign-policy elite and the military-industrial complex. To them, this sort of thing is their bread and butter.

Now, a geopolitical chess match is heating up between Obama and Putin. The Community Organizer and college professor, versus the KGB Colonel and Russian political mastermind. If Obama really wants to duel with Putin, I am not optimistic on his odds of success.

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One Comment on “Obama vs. Putin: A Brief Analysis.”

  1. Jared April 23, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    I would agree except that Einstein was a pattern clerk before becoming known as the greatest mind of his time. The fact that in a few years he went from part time college professor to President of the United States is quite the meteoric rise. If you have any problem comparing his intelligence to Einstein’s then I would say you have difficulty in assessing the political acumen of anyone. Obama is without a doubt a political genius. I would compare him to others who had little to no previous experience in politics and rose to power but I think most of those people went down in history as monsters, with the exception of maybe Winston Churchill.

    Also the last time a country was peacefully seized in Eastern Europe a World War erupted a few years later.

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