Everything has Consequences: Lyndon Johnson, Racism, and Welfare.


A popular political slogan in America is “Ideas have Consequences.” This is an accurate slogan, but I do not think it goes far enough. The Uncle Papa Thomé version goes like this: EVERYTHING has consequences. When searching for the cause of a given effect, more needs to be examined than just the underlying idea. The actions involved need to be examined. The people need to be examined. Their beliefs and associations need to be examined. Their motives need to be examined. Their backgrounds and histories need to be examined. None of this is inconsequential; it all matters, and it all has consequences.

A perfect example of this is in the origins of the modern American Welfare State. The American Welfare State first came into being as part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal package. The comprehensive Welfare State we know today, with its multitude of subsidies and free goodies, was created by President Lyndon Johnson as part of his “Great Society” welfare program. After the New Deal, the Great Society was the greatest left-wing triumph in American history. The “War on Poverty”, as it was boldly called at the time, was kicked into full swing.

There were many different interests at work in passing the Great Society, but we should focus most of all on the head honcho, Lyndon Johnson. He was the main cheerleader and overseer of the Great Society program. His personal character and beliefs are extremely important to understanding what the program was created for. This leads into what I consider to be one of the greatest sociopolitical quandaries of modern America.

Attacking the Welfare State is generally portrayed by the liberal media as a racist assault on inner-city black communities. Whenever a notable figure speaks in favor of cutting food stamps or subsidized housing, left-wing media outlets portray them as racist nutjobs who want to further impoverish inner-city black neighborhoods. In short, agitating for increased welfare = guru of race relations, while agitating for decreased welfare = secret Ku-Klux Klansman.

Any given individual may or may not be racist. But I can tell you at least one person who definitely was: Lyndon Baines Johnson. President Johnson flat-out hated black folks. Old private documents and recorded telephone conversations prove this unequivocally. He probably used to say nigger in his sleep. If you don’t believe all this, look it up for yourself. This is one of those facts you don’t hear about in the official biographies.

The big question, then, is this: How can the welfare system be considered beneficial, when the system’s creator actively hated the beneficiaries?

This is something that I really have a hard time understanding. Left-wing individuals claim the high moral ground and say that welfare is benevolent for the inner-city black community. The modern welfare system of goodies is still largely based on Johnson’s Great Society framework. But Johnson hated black people. Does that not mean anything to pro-welfare progressives? Did President Johnson’s hardcore racism really not have any consequences in regards to his flagship program for a group of people he hated?

I think that it did have consequences. I think it’s pretty obvious what role Johnson’s feelings about black people played in the Great Society. Johnson himself summed it up pretty well when he said in conversation with two governors, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” As far as Johnson was concerned, it wasn’t about altruism and concern; it was about destroying communities, building dependency, and buying votes. “Take the money and shut up.” I fully believe that President Johnson knew exactly what would happen to inner-city black communities after being hooked on welfare: societal disintegration. That’s exactly what has happened. President Johnson smiles from the grave as the legacy of the Great Society lives on in the inner-cities.

It does not make sense to me how anyone can just ignore this. For example: I am a “man-made” climate change denier. Hardcore. I am willing to believe that the climate is changing, but not that it is induced by mankind’s activity and neither that it is necessarily a bad thing anyway. Now let’s say that somehow, by some twist of fate, I am placed in charge of designing and implementing a strict anti-climate change political package. Would you really believe that I have the best interests of the cause at heart within my designed programs? Would you even trust my anti-climate change programs to address the supposed problem? Knowing what you know about my feelings on the subject, surely you would have some questions.

Thus it is with Lyndon Johnson. He hated black folks, and yet the flagship welfare program supposedly designed to provide social mobility to post-Civil Rights Act blacks was his creation, and it is defended with righteous vigor from figures on the Left. It boggles my mind that nobody seems to ask any questions about this. “Hey, do you think it matters that the President actually hated the people he was supposedly helping with his new welfare programs?”

Ideas have consequences. Relations and friendships have consequences. Personal convictions have consequences. It all has consequences. Consider everything.

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