Hillary Leads GOP Candidates in Poll; Next President in 2016?

According to a Quinnipiac University poll, Hillary Clinton easily leads all GOP candidates in the 2016 presidential election.

As Yahoo News reports:

In potential presidential matchups, the former secretary of state and first lady would defeat Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (49 percent to 39 percent), former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (51 percent to 37 percent) and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (51 percent to 35 percent), the poll found.

Nearly half (48 percent) of Iowa voters said they would favor Clinton over scandal-plagued New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (35 percent) in a theoretical general election. In December, the same poll had Christie (45 percent) leading Clinton (40 percent).

Clinton is also the only candidate who a majority of Iowans (55 percent) believe would make a good president.

This is interesting to me. I have no doubt that these numbers are accurate. Here’s why: Hillary Clinton is the only shot that Democrats have at the White House for 2016.

Think about it. Who else is there? We are only two years away from the next presidential election. By this time, there’s should be an entire gaggle of hopefuls from each mainstream party looking for the nomination. The GOP has their gaggle, lead by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, with Chris Christie and Jeb Bush not far behind. For the GOP, the 2016 rat race is in full swing.

Now consider the Democrats. Where is their gaggle? They don’t have one. The only two mainstream Democrats of any noteworthiness are Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. That’s it. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are notable, but Pelosi will never run for President, and I highly doubt Reid could ever get himself elected. Nobody is charmed by Harry Reid, with the possible exception of his wife, and he is too close to Obama. So it’s Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Can you imagine Joe Biden running for President? Just think of the dumb gaffes waiting to be made. He’s a bonehead. He is the Democratic Party’s George W. Bush. The mainstream Democrat establishment does not want Biden to run, if they can avoid it.

Hillary Clinton handily leads the GOP now, because she is really the only choice that Democratic voters can make at the moment. GOP’ers still have a gaggle to sort through. Therefore, the GOP base has yet to rally around a candidate. Meanwhile, Democrats are rallying around the only shot they seem to have for 2016.

Clinton may seem like a Democratic superstar now, but I’m not sold. What are her accomplishments? What pieces of beloved legislation has she pushed through? None. Hillary Clinton is most associated with Hillarycare, the progenitor of Obamacare. It was the first major push of the modern era for a Far-left political program in the United States. With the way Obamacare is panning out, it’s not an association that Hillary will want to highlight. Other than Hillarycare, there is honestly nothing. The woman has never accomplished anything notable. Her campaign crew will have to pull accomplishments out of their butts, because she ain’t got nuthin’.

I predict that someone other than Clinton will appear. The Council on Foreign Relations basically chooses which Democrats and Republicans get to make a serious grab for the Presidency. I do not think that the Council on Foreign Relations will stick with Hillary. The CFR always has some bozo they can dig out, dump millions of dollars into, and turn into a star candidate. The CFR has bagged every presidential election since WWII, except for Reagan; and Goldwater in 1964 was a close call. I don’t doubt that they will slap together some guy for the Democrats at the last second, if need be.



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