What Are Russian and Chinese News Sources Saying about Ukrainian Crisis?

The below articles were pulled from a mainstream Chinese news website and Russian news website.

The headline on the Chinese news website translates as follows:

“Putin: Unconstitutional coup is taking place in Ukraine. The U.S halted military cooperation and trade negotiations with Russia”


As the article itself says:

“Russian president Putin said on 4th March that unconstitutional coup is taking place in Ukraine and Russia will only use the army to Ukraine under “the most extreme situation”. This was the first time that Putin declared this publicly since the escalation of the situation in Ukraine.”

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry threatened on March 2nd that the U.S and allied countries will take a series of actions including visa ban, capital controls, economic and trade sanctions, etc.” 

“The White House issued this in a joint statement signed by the Group of Seven member countries and accused Russia of violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The White House also declared temporarily not to participate in the preparation for the G8 summit scheduled for June in Sochi, Russia.”

“Chinese Permanent Representative to the United Nations Liu Jieyi called for dialogue of all sides to resolve differences and maintain regional peace and stability. The united nations security council held an emergency meeting on the Ukrainian situation. Liu Jieyi said in the meeting that China is deeply concerned about Ukrainian situation and condemn the extreme violence in Ukraine.”

They are clearly painting the US as the more threatening party involved in the situation. They also paint their own Chinese diplomats as the concerned peace-seekers in the situation.

Now, from Russia news source Itar Tass:

“Putin: Those [foreign nations] who are talking about imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation should first consider the impact of those sanctions”


“President Putin told reporters that the damage to all countries involved is mutual.”

 “We can cause damage to each other– mutual damage. And this needs to be thought about. . . We believe our actions are fully justified. And any threats to Russia are counterproductive and harmful.”

 Mr. Putin added that Russia is still preparing for upcoming G8 meeting.

 “If [the other countries] do not want to come, they don’t have to,” he told reporters .

The Russian President also expressed the opinion that the U.S. has historically created its own geopolitical goals, and then dragging along the rest of the world underneath them:

 “Our partners, especially in the U.S.– they always clearly formulate their geopolitical interests and pursue them very aggressively. Guided by the well-known phrase, “you are either with us or against us,” they drag the rest of the world along, underneath them. And whoever doesn’t go along is beaten and usually killed,” the President told reporters.

 He emphasized that Russia’s actions come from legitimate grounds.

That last section is interesting, because it rings true. 3 days ago on Meet the Press, Secretary of State John Kerry said this of the Russian pseudo-occupation of Crimea: “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests.” That’s rich, coming from an American politician. Is he describing the Russian invasion of Crimea…? Or is he describing the American invasions of Grenada, Panama, and Iraq? It’s hard to tell.

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One Comment on “What Are Russian and Chinese News Sources Saying about Ukrainian Crisis?”

  1. Otrazhenie March 6, 2014 at 9:12 am #

    Love your questions – they raise very interesting points. Have you seen Neil Clark’s article “Ukraine & EU: Why some protestors are more equal than others”? Check it out at http://otrazhenie.wordpress.com/2014/03/06/a-prayer-for-ukraine/ – it does make some interesting points too in line with your post 😉

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