Putin Officially Requests Military Force in Ukraine, Calls Obama’s Bluff.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially requested permission from Russia’s Senate to utilize military force in Ukraine. Most have suspected significant Russian military involvement in Ukrainian Crimea for the past week, until yesterday’s full-scale military invasion pulled the veil back entirely.

As the New York Times reports:

As Russian-backed armed forces effectively seized control of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula on Saturday, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia requested that the Russian Senate authorize him to use military force in Ukraine.

Mr. Putin’s request, largely a formality, signaled publicly for the first time the Kremlin’s readiness to intervene militarily in Ukraine, and it served as a blunt response to President Obama, who just hours earlier pointedly warned Russia to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Even as Mr. Putin submitted his request to the Senate, formally called the Federation Council, it was clear that forces allied with Moscow were largely in control of the disputed peninsula.

Needless to say, the situation is becoming tense. Obama earlier charged that “there will be costs” associated with a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Clearly, Putin is not fazed by such words in the slightest. He has upped the ante and basically given President Obama the middle finger. “Whatcha gonna do?”

Accordingly, Neoconservatives are already flying off the handle, charging Obama with “weakness” and the inability to stand up to the Russian Government. The Cold War never really ended for mainstream Neoconservatives; these events are giving them a chance to relive the good old days. Neoconservative Senator John McCain, in response to the invasion, declared that “we are all Ukrainians”, and has now called for swift economic aid to Ukraine, sanctions against the Russian Government, and the installation of U.S. missiles in the Czech Republic as a deterrent. As McCain himself said in a statement:

“…This is a chess match reminiscent of the Cold War and we need to realize that and act accordingly. That does not mean I envision a conflict with Russia, but we need to take certain measures that would convince Putin that there is a very high cost to actions that he is taking now.”

Mainstream Liberals, on the other hand, seem to have been conspicuously silent during this whole debacle. I can recall very little commentary on the invasion from any mainstream liberal figures outside the White House at all. On the one hand, they enjoy pretending to be principally supportive of peace and anti-war sentiment (which is often revealed to be untrue, anyway). On the other hand, top liberal politicians Obama and John Kerry have been partaking in significant sabre-rattling over the whole affair, seemingly ready to plunge the US into all-out war with Russia at any second. The invasion of Syria fell through, after all; they still have pent-up aggression to vent.
I am not sure exactly what President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry have in mind as a response to the Russian invasion of Crimea, but if their ideas are anything like McCain’s, then it sounds like the situation will escalate very quickly.

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