Bilderberg and Davos: Meeting of Sinister Puppetmasters?

'The G-8 and Africa: Rhetoric or Action?': William J. Clinton; William H. Gates III; Thabo Mbeki; Tony Blair; Bono; Olusegun Obasanjo

Recently, a group of rich old men congregated at Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. Some people say that the discussions and agreements made at this meeting determine the future of the world. Like Bilderberg, Davos is the subject of suspicion by some; however, unlike Bilderberg, Davos is not closed off or restricted. All official seminars and meetings are largely open and unrestricted.

These men discuss things like world monetary policy, the future of the European Union, and foreign policy, and they make predictions on the futures of these issues. Nothing earth-shaking was revealed in any of the meetings. Anything of real importance is being discussed privately somewhere by men of real and precise influence, not by rich old geezers who have nothing better to do than to listen to other rich old geezers talk about banal topics like Israel and Palestine.

The collective wealth of these rich old tycoons, politicians, and bureaucrats is in the trillions. On the one hand, these men have a great deal of worldwide influence. Money talks, and makes the world go round. On the other hand, these men have no influence and know absolutely nothing.

The rich oldsters at Davos are the very definition of “ham-fisted”. For the most part, their fortunes are derived from consumers. They rely on identifying then exploiting, and predicting, worldwide trends. They ride the waves, but they do not make the waves. They discuss and predict trends at Davos and Bilderberg, but they do not generate them. These men make their fortunes by the purchase decisions of consumers, not by telling consumers what to do. Politicians and bureaucrats make their money by stealing from citizens at gunpoint, but that’s another story.

The rich oldsters at Davos and Bilderberg are fabulously wealthy. Money is versatile, but the men holding the money are not. Each man can only focus on a narrow area.  They only know how to project influence into a small and narrow area of expertise. In many cases, they do not even know how to project influence, which is why they attend meetings at Bilderberg and Davos: to hopefully make contacts with people who do know how to project influence.

They can try to find younger flunkies to manage portions of their wealth in different capacities and areas. However, most rich oldsters who have their foundations (or have worked with foundations in the past) have discovered this fact: charities without rigorous leadership from the top quickly become bureaucratic monsters with little to no impact. This is why Bill and Melinda gates have retired to manage their foundation; they understand that their direct leadership and involvement is necessary, otherwise the foundation becomes less of a charity and more a bureaucratic welfare office.

Most of these men are quite old. Some seem impossibly ancient. I am surprised Henry Kissinger doesn’t disintegrate into the wind. I am sure they are all very aware of this fact: the clocks are ticking. Not even vast wealth can cheat death forever. They are faced with the tyranny of the urgent: short term goals and milestones. They will not be able to carry out their long term plans. Their monetary legacy will be at the mercy of whoever holds it next. What they need are heirs they can trust, heirs that will carry out their intentions. Can they find heirs who will carry out their post-mortem will?

The main reason why I am not perturbed by Davos, or secret Bilderberg meetings, is because these men are more clueless than anything else. The late economist F.A. Hayek once wrote that that useful knowledge is possessed only by individuals in the market. When these individuals work and trade together all in their own rational self-interest, the free market generates wealth and the division of labor comes into being. These things happen spontaneously. In a forum like Davos or Bilderberg, there is no useful knowledge to be obtained. They can dissect data and trends related to consumer decisions based on useful information, and they can listen to lectures. This will all amount to little more than a hill of beans, in the end. They will return to the helms of their vast fortunes without having gained any advantageous knowledge.

These rich oldsters can come together to discuss and lecture all they want, but there is very little of anything important going on at Davos or Bilderberg. The underlying point of the meeting is more social than anything else: rich old men meeting other rich old men. They can lecture each other and discuss trends, but that’s all. They are on the backside of the wave, trying to make sense of it.

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