The Knockout Game and the Future Of the Ghetto.

I have recently seen a great number of my friends post videos to Facebook on the increasingly viral game of “Knockout”, which seems to be spreading significantly in cities which contain ghettos. The mainstream media has avoided reporting on this phenomenon for a few years, but is now losing the ability to avoid the topic. I have commented on some of these postings that we would see the next Bernhard Goetz soon. I am apparently a prophet, because that time has already come.

As WILX Lansing reports:

A game called “Point-em-out, Knock-em-out” has made it’s way to Lansing, and it’s exactly how it sounds. The game consists of someone being randomly targeted, then attacked… On February 26th a man waiting for his six-year-old daughter to to dropped off from school had no idea he would be the city’s first reported victim.

“I saw the van circle twice and the second time three came out. I didn’t suspect anything. I hadn’t any enemies, or any reason to believe they would be looking to do anything to me.”

The victim was attacked by 17-year-old Marvell Weaver. But Weaver did more than try to knock his victim out, he tried to do it with a taser. Luckily for the victim, the taser didn’t work and he was able to protect himself with his concealed-carry .40 caliber pistol.

“He shoved something into my side. I wasn’t sure what it was. It had some force to it. I wasn’t sure if it was a knife or a gun,” said the victim.

Weaver was shot twice, in the leg and an inch away from his spine. He’s been sentenced to a year in jail for the attack, but he admits he’s getting off easy.

“It was just a lesson learned. I wish I hadn’t played the game at all,” said Weaver.

Major cities, such as Chicago and Philadelphia, often boast the most draconian anti-gun laws and the most hurdles towards concealed-carry permits. The chance of encountering someone who packs legally-concealed heat in these cities is practically zilch. That is why these kids do not fear the consequences. They understand this. Anyone who looks like they wouldn’t illegally carry a firearm makes a juicy target.

This is also why we are not likely to see this game significantly grow outside of ghettos and their immediate surroundings within the city. If I’m not mistaken, American citizens are the most heavily armed on Earth. Everyone realizes this, including these teens. I am sure they are well aware of the dangers of attempting this game outside the confines of the ghetto or immediate surrounding area. After the attack and counter-attack outlined above, they might be more well-aware.

I have heard some people worry that this game will evolve into full-blown gangs of violent teens spreading out to terrorize Middle Class suburbs and beyond. I suppose some groups of teens may try this, but if they do, the entire game is going to change in an instant. Never doubt the juggernaut that is the fury of the Middle-Class.

Currently, this game is confined to ghettos and their immediate surroundings. The Middle-Class largely ignores what goes on in these areas, as they have for over 50 years. “Out of sight, out of mind.” If this game were to spread beyond the city and into the suburbs, it will get the full attention of the Middle Class. When I say attention, I don’t just mean “read about it on the news and let out a *tsk tsk*.” I mean attention as in a full-blown call for a clamp-down.

Whenever the Middle Class feels genuinely threatened, expect big things to occur. The Middle Class in outlying suburbs will immediately call for a police clampdown. They will throw out local politicians who refuse to face the problem, and will most certainly elect local politicians who campaign on the promise to put a stop to it. Of all the varying discussions on the proper functions of government (assuming it must exist), everyone at least agrees on this: Governments must provide security, rule of law, and accountability towards criminals. If the Middle-Class perceives that local politicians are not providing these things, they will toss them out in the next election without a second thought. They will elect whoever promises to face the problem. These new politicians will be expected to crack down on roving gangs of violent thugs.

Some have said this will lead to martial law and militarization in the ghettos. I disagree. The ghettos will not be militarized by police or the National Guard, at least not for any extended period of time. Police don’t want to enter ghettos. It is unsafe for them. They also recognize that working the beat in the ghetto is a losing battle. They understand that significantly attempting to enforce law in the ghetto is a fruitless endeavor. When the Middle-Class feels threatened and demands police crackdown, the police will not crackdown inside the ghetto but rather around its perimeter. The police presence in Middle-Class neighborhoods will increase significantly, and police presence in the ghettos will become practically non-existent. People living in ghettos will suddenly find that they have little-to-no police protection. Police will not enter the ghettos to crack down on criminals, but they will become a rapid-response force against criminals that attempt to terrorize outlying areas.

These teens think they will get away with this behavior. In the short run, they will; but this has a limit to haw far it can go. At some point, some group of kids will push this game too far. A massive backlash from the Middle-Class will be elicited, and the entire game is going to change in a flash. Do not underestimate the anger the of the Middle-Class. Do not underestimate what the collective frustration of the Middle-Class is capable of.

None of this would be a big problem if the Welfare State did not exist. The Welfare State perpetuates the existence and growth of ghettos. Click here for a good explanation of why. The Welfare State disintegrates human dignity, work ethic, and respect for oneself and for others. Former President Lyndon Johnson knew this would happen when he kicked the Welfare State into overdrive with his “Great Society” programs. Lyndon Johnson hated black people; it makes sense that he would create a Welfare State with an express intent to destroy black communities. We are seeing the bitter fruits of this in the modern day. There should be a plaque hanging near major entrances to every ghetto: “I am the Welfare State; Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

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