ObamaCare: Epic Failure, and Predictions for the Future.

The ObamaCare debacle has grown to a truly glorious magnitude. In terms of government failure, this one so far takes the cake. There have been a lot of bad laws in the history of the USA, but not since Prohibition has the government been caught so publicly with it’s pants down.

The number of people who have had their existing policies cancelled is somewhere over a million by this time. Anyone who is above the poverty line has seen their premiums skyrocket. The ObamaCare website continues to be a steaming mess and unlikely to be fully operational anytime soon.

There is even the chance that the Supreme Court may irreparably cripple ObamaCare due to legislative oversight. If the courts rule against ObamaCare, that will mean the subsidies promised to purchasers will not roll out; nobody will be able to afford the astronomically expensive insurance. You wanna talk about knock-out punches? That would be a ringer among ringers.

The fury and derision being displayed by the general public is palatable. The mismanagement and bungling on the part of the White House has become so flagrant and obscene that it is impossible to hide or gloss over. ObamaCare has become an total joke, and literally; once the ObamaCare gags started appearing on Stewart, Colbert, and the shows of other late-nite commentators, it was all over. Not even staunchly pro-Obama media outlets like Yahoo! News can avoid reporting on the carnage. ObamaCare has become a point of extreme ridicule and embarrassment for the White House, from which it is unlikely to recover.

The pain will not end at the White House, however. Remember: ObamaCare was a 100% Democratic Party effort. Not a single Congressional Republican voted in favor of the law. It was one of, if not the, most partisan pieces of legislation in history. ObamaCare is owned entirely by the Democrats, and there is no way they can disguise this. I foresee this producing some serious problems for mainstream Democrats in the future, electorally speaking.

This is why I am predicting a Republican sweep of Congress in 2014. Any Republican running for re-election need only have this slogan: “I voted against ObamaCare.” Any freshmen Republican Congressmen running for the first time need only say this: “I pledge to repeal ObamaCare.” Maybe even some Democrats will pick up the slogan too, but I doubt it: The mainstream Democratic establishment has made clear their commitment to ObamaCare. Any Democrat who deviates from the party line is going to be severely rejected by his contemporaries.

The number of people screwed over by ObamaCare is only going to increase, and Republicans are going to become more and more attractive by that time, as long as they adhere to an anti-ObamaCare stance. If things get really bad, I’d even hazard to say that it could make the Republican contender for the 2016 Presidency a shoo-in, as long as they adhere to an anti-ObamaCare stance. It would be an interesting situation if Republicans took control of Congress and the White House, then refused to repeal ObamaCare. That would be absolute betrayal of their constituency. People will see them as total hypocrites. Hopefully, that would not be the case. No modifying the law; only a full repeal will do at this point.

Mainstream Democrats are trapped. If they flip-flop on ObamaCare, it will be an admission of failure and reflect poorly on them. If they stick to their guns on ObamaCare, they will be the object of severe derision and hatred from voters. Back in 2010, Democrats championed ObamaCare as the human-rights achievement of the millennium. The public holds ObamaCare synonymous with the Democratic Party, and rightly so; ObamaCare was passed solely by Democrats. Now, the public also holds ObamaCare synonymous with bungling failure and incompetence. Any Congressional Democrat who holds to the party line will become synonymous with one of the worst domestic-policy failures of the past 50 years.  This may prove somewhat detrimental to their campaign efforts.

More than anything else, I do not see how Hillary Clinton could pull off a successful Presidential Campaign in 2016, if she runs. We hear about her as a favorite contender of the Democrats, but she has the ghost of HIllaryCare in her past. HillaryCare was also a disaster, politically speaking; it’s what led to a Republican sweep on Congress in 1994. How would she address this in 2016, when ObamaCare will likely be even more unpopular than it is now? Everyone knows by this time that she at least philosophically supports ObamaCare, if not in practice. She can’t disown her connection to ObamaCare. I don’t think Hillary would win a 2016 Presidential election for this reason. This is all assuming that ObamaCare doesn’t somehow turn around to be a great success, of course.

This debacle is going to get worse (or better, depending on your view). This magnificent train-wreck has been the worst public failure of a major welfare program in American history. Many Americans already suspected the government of being incompetent, but now their suspicions have been confirmed in full view. That is a healthy thing. The cancellation letters are still rolling out, and each letter is another reminder to voters that they were screwed by ObamaCare and the Democrats that voted for it. I’m no Republican, but I’ll say this: If Republicans make “Repeal ObamaCare” the central theme of their 2014 election push, then I will be very pleased. Anyone who wants to repeal ObamaCare has my moral support.

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