Obamacare: A Fine Mess.

Obamacare, less widely known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, took effect on October 1st. It has been a disaster. The website used to purchase insurance through the program is practically non-functional. Software experts watching the project have claimed that the websites may be plagued with major glitches for the next year, at least. The highly-trumpeted poster child enrollee Chad Henderson turned out to be a fraudster and paid operative of Organizing for Action, a pro-Obama political group.

Numerous estimates place the total cost of the Obamacare website at over $500 million. The continued work means that you can be sure this number is constantly spiraling upward. Over $500 million has produced a steaming mess. Nobody is sure how many people have already enrolled through the website, but reaching a goal of 7 million by March is sounding very optimistic. Not even Obamacare big boss Kathleen Sebelius seems to know how many people have enrolled, a fact painfully confessed under the grilling of Jon Stewart.

Obamacare is not, as many people think, socialized healthcare; nor is it a single-payer or universal healthcare system. I have heard some describe it as a “Rube Goldberg”-machine approach to healthcare. I think this is an accurate description. Obamacare is a bizarre system of confusing mandates and fines designed to achieve universal coverage. Expanding Medicare coverage would have been simpler, but that would be politically unfeasible and an economic nightmare.

Ideologically speaking, I am opposed to Obamacare. However, I am pleased with Obamacare thus far. It has been a veritable train wreck. It has given Americans a taste of the future under Obamacare to come: bloated prices for poorer service. This is good. So far, the implementation of Obamacare has been better than I expected: that is, it has been a total disaster on every level. With any luck, these problems will persist, or get even worse (Lord willing). This will speed the impact of it’s psychological failure, and will hopefully speed it’s eventual repeal or collapse.

I can only hope that this elicits a reaction from voters. My current fear is this: Obamacare will be a disaster, and the Democratic Party will successfully persuade the public that it is the GOP’s fault for shutting down the government during it’s implementation. The shutdown is irrelevant to Obamacare’s launch. It would have been a disaster either way. I sincerely hope the voting public understands that Obamacare stinks because it is flat-out a bad idea, as opposed to having suffered sabotage from Republicans.

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