Wall Street and Main Street: Who is Recovering?

I came across these charts. Three of them particularly stand out.

What do they mean, when taken in tandem? These charts plainly show that the only economic recovery in America has been on Wall Street and not Main Street. The first chart clearly depicts what happened in 2008: large Banks and Corporations were bailed out by the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Government. While middle-class Americans were losing their homes and jobs, their tax money was being used to bail out crooked bankers and CEOs.

The next two charts clearly depict what has happened to the average American: their average income and employment prospects have dropped dramatically.  Most middle-class Americans have been boxed out of profitability; the majority of profitability in America now occurs only on Wall Street, which is a relatively tiny share of the population. This is due to the Federal Reserve. They expand the money supply, and it only directly benefits Wall Street. Very little of that wealth reaches Main Street.

When Obama infamously quipped “The Private Sector is doing just fine”, what he probably meant was “All of my banker and CEO golf buddies are doing just fine!”

This issue seems complicated and hard-to-understand for the average person. I sometimes write articles like this and wonder if anyone understands what I’m talking about. Therefore, I will spare you the diatribe for now and get to the point. You may not understand how the system works, but know this: The Federal Reserve, the institution in America that prints money, is responsible for this. It is a wicked and sinister institution designed for this very purpose: to bilk the public for the benefit of politicians, the super-wealthy, and Wall Street.  The Federal Reserve is not designed to help Main Street (although politicians and bureaucrats claim that’s what it is for). The Federal Reserve is designed for Wall Street to maintain its wealth at the expense of Main Street.

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