Cult of Democracy

It seems like not a day goes by that we don’t hear American politicians make abstract appeals to “democracy” and “the will of the people”. Democracy is spoken of in glowing terms, as if anything even remotely “democratic” is inherently good and wonderful. Whenever you hear about this or that nation becoming more “democratic”, it always conjures images of freedom and eagles and human rights and all that crap suddenly arriving on some backward third-world nation. The word itself seems like its meant to be a compliment which carries an almost holy aura about itself.

This is total baloney. I get annoyed with appeals to “democracy” pretty quickly. “Democracy” is just majority rule. America is not even a democracy; it is officially a federalized constitutional republic.

Democracy is by no means inherently good. In fact, Democracy can be pretty terrible in a lot of ways. In a true democracy, the keys to the government monopoly on violence are handed over to whichever political ruffians can manage to seize the majority vote. Should the majority decide to being trampling on the national minorities (whether that be minority by race, ethnicity, religion, creed, age, socio-economic status, whatever), they are basically free to do so.

Adolf Hitler was democratically elected. One of his nicknames was “The Legal One” for his strong emphasis on attaining power legally, after his failed 1923 coup in Munich. That’s all the proof you need to know that democracy is not an inherently “good” system. Bad people can still come to power through the democratic process. Bad and unjust laws can still be passed through the democratic process. It seems as if numerous modern politicians equate the “will of the people” with good morality. Surely, if it be the majority will, then it must be what is inherently just and should thus be celebrated as such. We all know that’s nonsense: just because the majority wants something, that does not make it inherently correct.

I’ll say this: Democratic governance is a little nice in the sense that at least I have some kind of murky influence on what policies are ultimately put over my head, as miniscule as that influence is. However, this is hardly enough to baptize Democracy as holy and just in itself. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, most international Socialist parties have changed their doctrines from classical Marxism to “Democratic Socialism”. The name always sounds so benevolent: “The will of the people, demanding their rights and a government that is good for all.” Democratic Socialism is championed as the synthesis of freedom with a true People’s Government. Democratic Socialism is, however, a bad joke. Whereas classical Socialism consisted of mass thievery conducted by a closed group of ruling elites, Democratic Socialism is nothing more than mass theft by majority vote. Just because the masses have approved of mass theft and violent expropriation of property, that does not make it right.

The Cult of Democracy is pervasive and obnoxious. Let’s be thankful that America is not a pure Democracy, lest individual rights start to take a serious beating.

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