Yuck: Henry Kissinger hints at Hillary 2016 endorsement.


This is from a few months ago. I was asleep at the wheel, because this is something I should have blogged about at the time. Read on!

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger gave an extremely glowing and wonderful introduction to fellow Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Atlantic Council’s Leadership Award ceremony, for which Clinton was a winner. As the Washington Post reports:

“[Kissinger] went beyond the typical professional courtesy and gave what sounded like a heartfelt endorsement for Clinton in 2016. “At least four secretaries of state became president… I want to tell Hillary that when she misses the office, when she looks at the histories of secretaries of state, there might be hope for a fulfilling life afterwards.”

The German-born Kissinger introduced Clinton by joking about his own ambitions — despite the constitutional provision that prevented him from becoming president. “I thought up all kinds of schemes to get around that.” But then he got serious: “I think of Hillary with admiration and affection. . .When I call Mrs. Clinton ‘Hillary,’ I do that not so much to indicate familiarity but to use a name that the whole world uses. It shows to what extent she has succeeded in her people-to-people work.” “

Henry Kissinger is a monster. The fact that he receives standing ovations and glorious of praise from establishment Republicans and Democrats is slap in the face to all peace-loving Americans. Millions of dead Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians scream in agony every time he opens his mouth. Anyone receiving Henry Kissinger’s heartfelt endorsement is probably someone you don’t want to vote for.

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