One-World Government: How Worried Should You Be?

The term “one-world government” has nothing but the most sinister of overtones when used in modern conversation. The hatred of such an idea is usually attributed to perceived “right wing” tinfoil hat-types. Perceived “leftists” are also typically not enthusiastic about the idea either, usually preferring to promote something along the lines of “international cooperation” (such as “Socialist International”) which would coordinate but not necessarily directly control elements abroad. In either case, the general fear of a genuine “one-world government” usually makes itself pretty clear.

I think worrying significantly about a One-World Government is a waste of time. Many libertarians spend a lot of time worrying about the One-World government. Many perceived “Right-Wingers” worry about the One-World Government; I’m sure a decent enough number of perceived “Left-Wingers” worry about it as well. In my opinion, all of these people worry too much.

I will make this brief: a One-World Government would be the most monstrously inefficient, wasteful, and impotent institution in the history of mankind. We need look no further than the United Nations to see the indications of this.

The 2013 officially approved UN budget is approximately $5.2 billion; another $7 billion is spent on “peacekeeping”, which is not included in the yearly budget. In all, the UN rakes in about $12 billion per year, at least “officially”. Nearly every nation on earth contributes funding to the UN on an annual basis. This money is supposed to be spent on sustaining “peacekeeping” operations (which often just paper-over tensions and intensify them, but that’s another story), designating and preserving World Heritage sites and such, delivering aid and supplies to the needy, creating and enforcing mandates, and of course administering the UN forum and bureaucratic apparatus itself.

The UN is a bureaucrat’s dream-come-true. The UN has little to no oversight over it’s operations. The UN takes billions of dollars per year (22% of it from the USA), then winks and runs off. Bureaucrats are given billions of dollars to play with, and hardly anybody is watching what they do with it. There are no comprehensive audits of UN operation. Every year, reports of massive fraud, waste, and abuse leak out of the UN, but who really cares? Very few of the political mainstream in America care, of that much you can be certain. A corrupt bureaucrat at the UN probably feels like Scrooge McDuck swimming through his vault of gold coins. They can defraud, waste, and abuse funds to their heart’s content, and nary an eye will blink.

It is impossible to know exactly how much money is wasted at the UN, but you can be sure of this: hundreds of millions, if not billions, are wasted every year. It is either wasted on ill-conceived projects or flat-out stolen by UN insiders. The UN spends billions of dollars to draft resolutions that nobody pays attention to. It spends billions to make declarations and “rules” that the large nations of the world chuckle at and wipe their butts with. The UN is not “sustainable” by any sense of the term. It continues to exist because the West bankrolls it. If the USA pulled out of the UN, the rest of the world would let it die. It serves no vital purpose. If the UN as a bureaucratic institution disappeared, it would not be sorely missed.

The UN is preview of what a One-World Government would be like: monstrously inefficient, rife with corruption, and generally inept. They would need billions of soldiers to enforce their mandates, soldiers that need to be paid, equipped, and cared for, which would cost unbelievable amounts of money. They would need millions if not billions of administrators to run the governmental machine. They would need to bankroll billions of intelligence personnel to spy across the world and prevent uprisings.

What I am saying is this: a One-World Government would never have enough money to sustain itself. It would never be able to efficiently allocate its resources, and would be plagued by waste and fraud on a massive scale perpetrated by billions of government employees from within the apparatus, but would also lose money through resistance at the margin by billions of citizens across the world.

We see this in the UN, which continues to exist largely because the USA agrees to bankroll it. We saw this in the Soviet Union as well. Unlike the UN, they had no rich sugardaddy to bankroll them, and eventually had to face the facts on December 26th, 1991.  Prior to this, some people in America often thought of the Soviet Union as a monstrously efficient and satanic machine which could ultimately bring the world under its heel. They were wrong, and the people who previously made a big deal out of this notion looked like fools when the Iron Curtain came down.

It is conceivable that something resembling a “One-World Government” could become a genuine possibility at some point if the conditions were just right, to exist for a few decades at most. If this were the case, I think it would be worth resisting and fighting against. However, I do not think that worrying about an efficient and demonic One-World Government taking over the world indefinitely “1984”-style should keep anyone up at night. Even if such an institution comes to exist, it will be only for a very brief while before it must ultimately collapse under its own largesse.

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