Greek Prostitution Soars 150%, Youth Jobless 75% in Some Areas.

According to a report issued by the Greek National Center for Social Research, the number of Greeks selling sex for money has skyrocketed 150% over the past two years. Greece, suffering from their worst depression in modern history, has seen youth unemployment soar to a national average of 60%. In the Greek region of Western Macedonia, youth jobless rates are even near 75%, the worst in the entirety of the European Union.


To deal with such negative prospects, numerous young Greek women (and probably a decent number of men, as well) have turned to prostitution in order to get by. As if this were not already bad enough, the exploding competition with the prostitution field and lack of wealthy clients has driven down the median price of sex acts to the range of 10 to 20 euros. One pollster with the NCSR even says a woman claimed to sell sex acts for as low as 5 euros, roughly 7 seven dollars. Yikes.

The 18 to 27 year-olds of Greece may become the “lost generation”. They have been written off by the entrenched Labor Unions, Greek and EU bureaucrats, and large banks seeking to preserve euro-denominated assets. Nobody should be surprised that the Greek Neo-Nazi party “Golden Dawn” is gaining popularity, offering promises of national renewal and a break with the now-maligned European Union. It’s a shame Greece doesn’t have a strong Libertarian or classically liberal movement, otherwise this would be the perfect time for them to start making serious noise.

Greece is an example of the endgame for hardcore Welfare States. They are doomed. Statistically, they cannot be sustained. By the end, the ruling classes and their privileged few will sacrifice everyone else to preserve their own lifestyles. The young Greeks of my generation appear to be the chosen sacrifice.

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