French Socialist Gov’t Taxes Some Over 100%.

                The Socialist government of French president Francois Hollande taxed 8,000 households in excess of 100% of income last year by imposing a one-off levy on households holding assets over 1.3 million Euros. The astounding level of taxation was an effort to circumvent a tax rebate passed by previous president Nicholas Sarkozy which capped an individual’s tax rate at 50%.

                Unsurprisingly, the approval rating of Hollande’s presidency has also taken a severe tumble, reaching a new low of 30% in recent polls from nearly 60% upon taking office. During a recent Presidential outing to mingle amongst the “Working Class” in the eastern city of Dijon, the extent of Hollande’s unpopularity was revealed in the midst of numerous protests, boos, and jeers as he made his way through the crowds. One young man was heard to shout, “Hollande, where have your promises gone?” before being dragged away by Presidential Security detail.  

The mere fact that France voted in a politician who promised taxing certain citizens over 75% demonstrates that the French majority is likely beyond saving. This is a nation of mass thievery: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.” The fact that even 30% of Frenchmen approve of Hollande is appalling. There is one good aspect of the Hollande presidency: he has shown the rest of Europe what happens when a real Socialist is put in control. France has gone from the frying pan into the fire, being pushed further into recession. Others within the EU would do well to take heed.  

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