IRS Official to Plead the 5th On Scandal.

Lois Lerner, head of the IRS’ Exempt Organizations division, has opted to stay silent about the ongoing conservative harassment scandal under the auspices of the 5th Amendment. Summoned by the House committee investigating the scandal, Ms. Lerner is one of the key figures under scrutiny as allegations arise that she knew of and potentially even colluded with IRS personnel targeting conservative groups for troublesome paperwork, audits, and other roadblocks in their attempts to obtain non-profit organization exemptions.

From as early as 2007, evidence shows that IRS officials had been unfairly targeting conservative groups with terms such as “Tea Party” and “Patriots” in their name. The House report alleges that Ms. Lerner learned of such misconduct in mid-2011, yet over the next two years explicitly lied to investigators and denied any such misconduct occurred.

Lerner taking the fifth does nothing to help her image. Pleading the 5th is perfectly acceptable and should not incriminate anyone on an official level, but off-the-record, it looks wildly suspicious. Of course, the question everyone will ask is: “What does she have to hide?” I have no problem with this sentiment propagating. The more shady and suspicious the IRS is demonstrated to be, the happier I am. All government bureaucracies are involved in shady and suspicious activity at any given time; the only question is of how well such activity is hidden.

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