When It Rains, It Pours: IRS, EPA, DOJ Scandals.


The Internal Revenue Service has recently been exposed for illegally targeting conservative groups, mainly anything Tea Party-ish, with troublesome audits and other threats. From approximately 2007 onward, hundreds of distinct cases have been identified in which the IRS wielded their power to cause mischief and produce clerical misery for conservative groups throughout the USA. Anyone with an ounce of moral fiber in their bones can agree that this is an egregious abuse of power.

The IRS is not the only government agency to come under fire in recent days. In a story yet to make the big time, the Environmental Protection Agency is being investigated for blackballing and obstructing information requests from small-government groups, while granting speedy and free access to information to green organizations. We are likely to hear more about this in the coming weeks.

That’s not all: The Justice Department has been accused within the past week of wrongfully seizing phone records belonging to reporters with the Associated Press. It is a strange betrayal of the mainstream media, the typical court apologists of the State. Of course, the Department of Justice claims to have done this in the name of “national security”, the famous catch-all that bureaucrats and politicians ever use as an excuse.

I am filled with giddy gleefulness at the coming-to-light of these misdeeds. Anything that reveals bureaucrats as bozos and crooks pleases me. These scandals remind the public that bureaucracies like the IRS, EPA, and Dept. of Justice are not neutral agencies that brave the storm of partisan bickering to selflessly serve the public interest. It is easy to see why the IRS and EPA would blackball Tea Party groups and other small government groups. The best thing about the Tea Party is their typically anti-tax stance, and that scares bureaucrats. Islamic terrorists aren’t what scares bureaucrats, nor Chinese and/or Russian bogeymen, nor the Swine Flu; citizens angry enough to take to the streets and protest taxation are what scares bureaucrats. Their very lifeblood lies in taxation. The thought that some groups might gain the political clout to threaten comfy bureaucratic jobs scares them.

All bureaucracies and bureaucrats ultimately serve their own interests. Why would bureaucrats within the IRS or EPA cooperate with people that ultimately want to shrink their bureaucratic empires and threaten their relevance? I would not expect they would. This is why I am not surprised by what has come to light. I am mildly surprised that the Dept. of Justice absconded with the phone records. Why they would want to risk alienating the court apologists of the Obama Administration stumps me. Hopefully ,we will see more development on this story.

People are being reminded that government agencies are nothing more than collections of individuals with their own partisan agendas, except that these individuals are legally allowed to wield the government monopoly on violence to get what they want. These scandals are seriously tarnishing the reputations of these government agencies. This cheers me up.

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