Silicon Valley Corp. Paid Workers in Pesos

Bloom Energy, a clean energy manufacturer in Silicon Valley, has been busted for paying migrant Mexican workers in pesos, according to an investigation conducted by the US Department of Labor. Each worker was being paid the peso equivalent of $2.66 per hour. This is far beneath the Minimum Wage.

Ruben Rosalez, regional administrator for the Wage and Hour division in the West, said of the crime: “It is appalling that this was happening right in the heart of Silicon Valley, one of the wealthiest per capita areas in the U.S… The department remains vigilant in protecting the rights of vulnerable workers, And to ensuring they are paid the wages they have rightfully earned.

As punishment, Bloom Energy must pay over $30,000 in back wages and over $6,000 in civil damages. The Feds have mandated that Bloom cannot sell any of the units made with the illegal labor.

I am unhappy with this situation.

First, allow me to make it clear that I don’t fault the Mexican workers for anything. They’re just a couple guys who wanted to work. I do not fault them for accepting the court-awarded back pay. I’m sure they liked receiving it; I know I would. This issue involves far more than just the workers at hand, however. For migrant Mexican workers across the USA, the implications of such a verdict are far more sinister than meets the eye.

In my opinion, there is one main question that someone should ask themselves when considering this situation: Why did the workers continue to work for Bloom Energy day-after-day if the pay was so low? This was not a one-shot deal; Bloom had been employing Mexicans this way for some time. The workers came back day-after-day for $2.66 per hour. $2.66 per hour is a small paycheck, but it was enough to keep them around. Why didn’t all the workers just quit and find jobs elsewhere?

If the transaction was voluntary between Bloom and the Mexican workers, why does the Department of Labor need to intervene? Because the US Department of Labor is, as it always has been, a union shill. It exists to perpetrate the will of Big Labor Unions and Big Labor bosses.

Let’s break down this scenario for what it really is: Bloom Energy wants to make a voluntary transaction with Mexican workers. Big Labor is in competition against Mexican workers. They do not want Bloom Energy to have a legal right to employ Mexican workers at the lower prices they are willing to work for.

Big Labor goes to the government and demands that Bloom Energy not be allowed to make this voluntary transaction with Mexican Workers. They do so in the name of national prosperity. They do so in the name of Worker’s Rights. They persuade the government that any price-competitive offer on labor from Mexican workers to Bloom Energy will erode the rights of workers and the wealth of Americans. They insist the government has to send out someone with a badge and a gun to stop this trade.

This demonstrates a policy known as Protectionism, and it is not a good thing. Protectionism is destructive. It brews tensions. It leads to wars. It destroys opportunities and competition. It lines one crook’s pocket with cash at the expense of everyone else. The most annoying thing is that people often think protectionist policy seems right, at first. The Minimum Wage is a perfect example.

Big Labor hates immigrant workers. Big Labor hates Mexicans that immigrate to America and compete for work at half the going price. In response to this competition, Big Labor has strangled the labor market with a protectionist racket known as the Minimum Wage. The Minimum Wage does one thing, and one thing only: outlaws employment opportunities. The law says, in essence, “It is illegal and criminal to provide employment for less than X dollars per hour.” Big Labor uses the minimum wage to keep cheap Mexican labor OUT and keep noncompetitively-priced union-approved labor IN.

They do their best to crush any hope of the “American Dream” for Mexican Workers, because they are greedy and afraid of competition. Unlike “capitalist greed”, which builds wealth and employment for the many, this is an “envious greed”; It is a greed rooted in hatred.

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