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Take a Hike: Federal Reserve Planning For Recession?

Last week, the Federal Reserve “raised rates”, as the mainstream financial media is apt to say. What this really means is that the Federal Raise raised the only interest rate that they have any direct control over: the rate of interest paid on excess reserves. The rate was increased from 0.5% – barely above zero […]

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The Rising Star Of The 21st Century Is…

India. Why India? First, the population is massive and growing. It will overtake China as the #1 most populous nation within this century. Second, it is a common law country. This was the greatest gift bestowed on them by English colonial rule. Common law is far better for individual liberty and cooperative society, as opposed […]

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The Order: Planned Vs. Spontaneous.

In the political context, the word “order” is often identified with the term “New World Order”. This could also be called the Planned Order. It is driven by the State, political committees and directives, and men with badges and guns. The self-styled motto of the Planned Order is, “We’re from the government and we’re here […]

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Eulogizing Castro: Ridiculous Hypocrisy.

Fidel Castro has died at 90 years old. From the beginning of the Cuban communist revolution to now, he is estimated to have directly caused the deaths of over 100,000 people. Many of them were executed. Another few thousand died in the chaotic violence of the revolution. Many more of them died as political prisoners […]

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Fred Reed: How Trump’s Opponents Got Him Elected.

Written by Fred Reed, as posted on A great uproar goes forth from the enemies of the Trump Beast, with much gnashing of hair and pulling of teeth. He will be a terrible President, they say, and they may well be right. There are ominous signs, particularly as regards foreign policy, and he seems […]

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RETIREE NIGHTMARE: Major Pension Funds Going Bust?

From the New York Times, we read this: Picture the next major American city to go bankrupt. What springs to mind? Probably not the swagger and sprawl of Dallas. But there was Dallas’s mayor, Michael S. Rawlings, testifying this month to a state oversight board that his city appeared to be “walking into the fan […]

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Rollback of Empire: Trump to Close NATO?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) covers the USA, Canada, and nearly all of Europe including Turkey. Theoretically, it is a mutual defense treaty meant to protect Europe from a Russian military invasion. In reality, it is an extension of US military empire for the benefit of the globalist order. NATO is for the military […]

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Trump’s Next Crucial Campaign.

Republicans are holding a political double-edged sword. If they use it the wrong way, they risk chopping off their own limbs. Trump is president. And Republicans have held onto the Senate, which they can probably thank Trump for. This gives them enormous leverage. But with great power comes great responsibility, as one super hero’s late […]

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Fall of the House of Clinton.

I predicted a Clinton victory. Clearly, I was wrong. Polls, betting odds, and conventional wisdom were all in Hillary’s favor. That is not why I thought she would win, but it made for great confirmation bias. It just goes to show how meaningless the polls, odds, and conventional wisdom really are. They make for great […]

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What, Me Worry? Election 2016.

I see on Facebook that many appear to be uneasy about the election. Trump supporters fear Hillary as a Big Business-Big Bank globalist who wants to shove social liberalism down everyone’s throats. Hillary supporters fear Trump as a racist/sexist/whateverist(ophobe) who apes Adolf Hitler. Personally, I just like to hear politicians say mean things to each […]

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