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Fall of the House of Clinton.

I predicted a Clinton victory. Clearly, I was wrong. Polls, betting odds, and conventional wisdom were all in Hillary’s favor. That is not why I thought she would win, but it made for great confirmation bias. It just goes to show how meaningless the polls, odds, and conventional wisdom really are. They make for great […]

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What, Me Worry? Election 2016.

I see on Facebook that many appear to be uneasy about the election. Trump supporters fear Hillary as a Big Business-Big Bank globalist who wants to shove social liberalism down everyone’s throats. Hillary supporters fear Trump as a racist/sexist/whateverist(ophobe) who apes Adolf Hitler. Personally, I just like to hear politicians say mean things to each […]

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Election Showdown: Establishment Vs. Angry Voters.

Tomorrow is election day. I will be somewhat sad to see it go. This has been one of the most visceral, hate-filled elections in history – in other words, honest. I like honesty. Especially when it involves mud-slinging politicians. The key issue of any political system is representation. What does a candidate represent to voters? […]

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Climate Change: Flatulence in the Wind.

Climate change people are fervently religious. The main confession of the climate change religion is this: “Mankind’s industrial activity will destroy the world unless we have socialism.” They will not say the second part out loud, but it is the implication of their policy in action. I have discussed this before. Climate change people are some […]

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Thomas Sowell: “The Left’s Vision”

Written by Thomas Sowell, as appearing on The political left keeps announcing, as if it is a new breakthrough discovery of theirs, that life is unfair. Have they never read Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard,” more than two and a half centuries ago? What about economic historian David S. Landes’ statement: […]

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Red Alert! Recession and Corporate Mergers.

From Bloomberg, we read this: Forget merger Monday: October as a whole was a record month for dealmaking, with almost half a trillion dollars of mergers and acquisitions announced globally. CenturyLink Inc.’s $34 billion acquisition of Level 3 Communications Inc., as well as General Electric Co.’s deal to combine its oil and gas division with […]

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Hillary: Schlonged By A Weiner.

2016 is shaping up to be one of the best presidential elections of our lifetimes. If we’re lucky, we’ll have more like this one. I love it. Why? Because both candidates aren’t afraid to viciously attack the other and their supporters. They are telling us what they really think about each other; that is, the […]

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The Future of Obamacare.

Obamacare is a complete disaster. Whoever is next elected President will have to sit down on this exploding whoopee cushion within the first year of their presidency.  I predict this will be Hillary Clinton. Her prestige, what little she has, is going to get pounded by Barry O’s failing legacy. Premiums for the next year […]

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Dictator for a Day: My Response to Charlotte.

Charlotte is burning. After the police shooting of an armed black man, of which details are still unclear, the city has erupted into a full-blown race riot. Looting has gone wild; apartments, stores, and even the NASCAR hall of fame have been targets. Multiple injuries among police and civilians have been reported. In some instances, […]

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The Unspoken Roadblock Against Political Reform.

I have been asked by some people for my thoughts on Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico and Libertarian Party candidate for president. Overall, I can support Gary Johnson. He is unquestionably the most libertarian governor in recent US history. His policies have been mostly libertarian in nature and intent. I do not […]

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