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Do You Care About Ukraine?

On, we read: As Air Force One landed in Estonia’s capital Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s message to Vladimir Putin — only 500 miles away in Moscow — was clear: Stay put. In a speech in Tallinn, Obama said the vision of a Europe dedicated to peace and freedom is “threatened by Russia’s aggression against […]

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Burger King Dodging Taxes, Facing Boycott?

On Yahoo! News, we read: Small, medium or large? The amount of outrage over Burger King’s deal to buy a Canadian donut chain could possibly determine whether the deal goes through — and helps Burger King dodge millions of dollars in U.S. taxes. Burger King’s (BKW) plan to buy the Tim Hortons (THI) chain —now […]

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Ron Paul: “What Have We Ever Accomplished In Iraq?”

Written by Ron Paul, as posted at the Ron Paul Institute: We have been at war with Iraq for 24 years, starting with Operations Desert Shield and Storm in 1990. Shortly after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait that year, the propaganda machine began agitating for a US attack on Iraq. We all remember the appearance before […]

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Will the US Dollar Collapse, Be Replaced By Chinese Yuan?

A few days ago, I had a discussion with someone who fervently believes the dollar is going to collapse and become worthless. The main thrust of their argument was that the Chinese Yuan is going to become more valuable, the other countries of the world will abandon the dollar for the Yuan, and the good […]

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Philosopher Hegel

ISIS, Hegelianism, and the Power Elite.

Written by D. Senti, and posted to [Anthony] Sutton was a well-respected establishment scholar for a time. He was a research Fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford as well as a professor of economics. His career would have been unexceptional, were it not for two particular quirks: he chose to research the elite, […]

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Thomas Sowell: Ferguson and the Lynch Mob Mentality.

  Written by Thomas Sowell, as posted on Mercury News: Those of us who admit that we were not there, and do not know what happened when Michael Brown was shot by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri, seem to be in the minority.   We all know what has happened since then — and it […]

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Welfare Slaves: At Least 35% Of Americans Receiving Welfare.

Potentially the most insidious trend amongst the populace of America is the entitlement mindset. This is a truism; we hear it all the time. That does not make it any less true. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a staggering 35% of all Americans receive some type of federal welfare benefit. And that’s just federal […]

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Stossel on Ferguson: “Police Have Become Like Occupying Army.”

Written by libertarian reporter John Stossel, as posted on Fox News: Libertarians warned for years that government is force, that government always grows and that America’s police have become too much like an occupying army. We get accused of being paranoid, but we look less paranoid after heavily armed police in Ferguson, Missouri, tear gassed […]

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Walter Williams: Stupid Colleges and Wasted Money.

Written by famed libertarian economist Dr. Walter Williams, as posted on According to College Board, average tuition and fees for the 2013-14 school year totaled $30,094 at private colleges, $8,893 for in-state residents at public colleges and $22,203 for out-of-state residents. Many schools, such as Columbia University and George Washington University, charge yearly tuition […]

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Another 9/11? – My Thoughts on ISIS and America.

On The Daily Caller, we read: An intelligence official warned Thursday that the terrorist group the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “sees conflict with the U.S. as inevitable,” The Washington Post’s David Ignatius reported in his latest column. The columnist, known for his extensive sourcing in the intelligence community, summarized an intelligence briefing he […]

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