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Obama and NAFTA: Betraying The Left Wing.

In the Washington Post, we read: President Obama is preparing a major push on a vast free-trade zone that seeks to enlist Republicans as partners and test his premise that Washington can still find common ground on major initiatives. It also will test his willingness to buck his own party in pursuit of a legacy-burnishing […]

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The Price of Oil: What You Need to Know.

On Fox News, we read: With the price of oil now below $56 a barrel, drivers are smiling at the gas pump. However, American oil producers and the states whose economies rely on them are bracing for tougher times ahead. “If oil drops five dollars a barrel, that’s about a $17 million loss to our general […]

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The Most Insane People in American Government…

There is a group of people in mainstream American government who are more insane than any other. These are people who are truly deluded, at best. At worst, they are malevolent power-seekers who understand the truth, but prefer others to believe the lie. The most insane people working in the US Government are Keynesian Economists. […]

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Widening Gap Between Rich and Super-Rich: What Does it Mean?

In the New York Times, we read: Philip Rushton has been selling private jets to the global rich for more than three decades. In just about every economic cycle, sales of small jets and big jets tended to move together — rising and falling with financial markets and fortunes of the wealthy. Now, however, the […]

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Net Neutrality: A Bad Idea.

On, we read: More than any other invention of our time, the Internet has unlocked possibilities we could just barely imagine a generation ago. And here’s a big reason we’ve seen such incredible growth and innovation: Most Internet providers have treated Internet traffic equally. That’s a principle known as “net neutrality” — and it […]

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Obama, Immigration, and the Republican Sweep.

It seems clear, at least to me, that Obama is staking his legacy onto immigration reform. I think his major goal is to get immigration reform pushed through before he leaves office. I suspect he knows that Obamacare will always be a dismal failure; and that’s really more of Nancy Pelosi’s legacy, anyway. Beyond Obamacare, […]

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On a Lighter Note: Pop Culture Roulette Ep. 44 – Marvel

Once again, a team of brilliant pop-culturologists has churned out an entertaining hour’s worth of eclectic pop-culture banter.  Are you a fan of the recent Marvel films? If you’re anything like me, then you’ve gotten a kick out of them. In this episode, Nicholas and the gang discuss their views on the recently released Marvel […]

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The End of Gun Control: 3D Printed Bullets.

On, we read: As 3-D printed guns have evolved over the past 18 months from a science-fictional experiment into a subculture, they’ve faced a fundamental limitation: Cheap plastic isn’t the best material to contain an explosive blast. Now an amateur gunsmith has instead found a way to transfer that stress to a component that’s actually […]

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Water Could be Bad For You… Study Suggests?

Written by AJ Burlingham, as originally appearing on Brain of Burlingham: Last week it was found by a team of researchers at John Hopkins University that water, the cornerstone for life as we know it and number five choice of hydration around the world, (behind soda, tea, beer, and coffee) could now cause health issues. […]

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Alan Greenspan: “The Economy Sucks. Buy Gold.”

Alan “the Maestro” Greenspan is the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. He was also one of the foremost architects of the 2008 recession. Greenspan is severely at fault for the massive housing bubble of the early 2000s, which he has yet to willingly accept any blame for. But perhaps he is finally facing the […]

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