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The Death of Irwin Schiff.

On October 16th, 2015, tax protester Irwin Schiff died in prison. He spent his final hours shackled to a prison bed. He was an old and feeble man, legally blind and suffering from advanced skin cancer across his entire body. Irwin Schiff is famous within libertarian circles. Firstly, he is the father of financier and […]

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Against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Presidency has been truly amazing thus far. He is the first candidate in recent memory to come from outside the political establishment. Reagan was sort of outside the establishment, considering he began as an actor, but he became a career politician in his post-acting life. Trump has zero political experience. […]

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0% Interest On Your Bank Account?

The numbers below are 30-day and 90-day T-Bill rates. Take a look: What number is most common? “0.00”. To someone who understands T-Bills, this number should be significant. To someone who does not understand T-Bills, read the description here. There have been fluctuations, but the the rates have been mostly at or near zero for […]

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Against Bernie Sanders.

I dislike Donald Trump. But his campaign interests me. He is a true political outsider, and the GOP Establishment hates his guts. But Trump puts butts in seats. He has grassroots support. I ultimately do not think he’ll get the Republican nomination, but then again, maybe he will. He’ll have certainly left his mark on […]

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Will the Next President “Make America Great Again”?

I would never vote for Donald Trump. Not a chance. But I will say that his campaign interests me. He is a true political outsider. The GOP Establishment hates him. They desperately want to get rid of him, but it’s way too late for that. He is immensely popular with many Republican voters, and he […]

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God of War: Obama Extending Afghan War Past 2017.

On Yahoo News, we read: President Barack Obama on Thursday abandoned his pledge to end America’s longest war, announcing plans to keep at least 5,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan when he leaves office in 2017 and hand the conflict off to his successor. It is another setback for the president in his quest to extricate […]

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Will Obama Pass More Gun Control?

In the New York Times, we read: A week has passed since J. J. Vicari huddled underneath a desk while gunshots exploded in the classroom next door. Now he is thinking about guns. Not about tightening gun laws, as President Obama urged after nine people were killed at the community college here. But about buying […]

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Fred Reed: “Are Men Obsolete?”

Is masculinity obsolete in the modern age? Some feminists have suggested it might be. In my opinion, any woman who is actually in touch with her own femininity will reply with a resounding “Hell, no.” In my opinion, any man in touch with his own masculinity will say the same thing about femininity. Maureen Dowd, […]

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Islamic Immigration to Europe – What’s Going to Happen?

Muslim immigrants are sweeping into Europe on an enormous scale. Most are headed for El Dorado: The United Kingdom, where a family can sign up for welfare benefits and never need to work again. Second to the UK is Germany, which boasts almost equally generous welfare benefits. Of course, getting by-foot to either welfare paradise […]

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When a Shooter Calls – How to Respond?

On NBC News, we read: High school student Autumn Vicari told NBC News her 19-year-old brother J.J. was in a room filled with students at the college when the gunman entered. According to her brother’s account, Vicari said at one point the shooter told people to stand up before asking whether they were Christian or […]

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